AVAILABLE.COM is about FREEDOM and OPPORTUNITY; the FREEDOM to work when and where you want and the OPPORTUNITY to make as much money as you deserve.

AVAILABLE.COM is the SIMPLE SOLUTION to marketing anything that’s AVAILABLE. We specialize in real estate, outdoor advertising and hard to find merchandise but have recently opened our doors to anyone who has a product or service that’s AVAILABLE. We also help our clients save BIG BUCKS on conventional advertising. Here’s how it works!

#1 Put an AVAILABLE.COM sign on it.

A Com Ranch A lodge

#2 Take enough pictures to showcase yourself, your property or your services.

#3 Write a detailed ad and upload your ad to our website. Include up to 30 pictures, a video clip and a link. Re-sized images work best.

#4 HONOR PAY: You do not need a credit card to do business with us. Upload your ad now and pay us later.

OPTIONAL: Buy an inexpensive ad in your local newspaper or appropriate trade publication. Keep your print message to a minimum and use your Available.com listing to go into detail. Alternative advertising is not always necessary but will definitely increase traffic to your web page.

A Com ABO Newspaper San Diego

Here are some examples of simple ads that get immediate results. You can also apply this same logic when buying other forms of advertising.

AVAILABLE.COM – Maui Beachfront Condo – 918-742-SELL
AVAILABLE.COM – 2004 Ferrari – 918-742-SELL
AVAILABLE.COM – 3BR 2Bath on 3 acres – 918-742-SELL
AVAILABLE.COM – Hummer Limo – 918-742-SELL
AVAILABLE.COM – Highway 75 Billboard – 918-742-SELL
AVAILABLE.COM – Office Space – 800-555-RENT
AVAILABLE.COM – Mother-In-Law with Bad Breath – 918-742-SELL
AVAILABLE.COM – SWF with Boat – 800-Get-A-Date
AVAILABLE.COM – Photographer – 1-800-Take-Pics
AVAILABLE.COM – Unemployed Pole Dancer – 1-800-GET-A-JOB

If you’re too busy, too lazy or simply want the BEST MARKETING TEAM IN THE WORLD to handle your account, please give us a call. We’re AVAILABLE 24/7!

Available.com L.L.C.
8610 South Elwood
Hangar B-59
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74132
918-742-SELL (7355)

#1 24/7 Answering Service – Let us take your calls!
#2 The Best E-Commerce Store Software ever developed. See the Magic Depot
#3 Website Design and Hosting
#4 FREE Auction Uploads – We don’t get paid if your item doesn’t sell!
#5 A Trading Center where members can barter goods and services without money.
#6 A Newsroom where free-lance reporters can post news stories and members can issue news releases and share important information about new products and services.
#7 An HonorPay billing system that allows members to choose payment methods and terms. Post your ad today. Pay us later. We also do trade outs!

Membership in our Global Marketing Coop is only $10.00 a month or $100.00 a year. Each new membership includes FREE Auction Uploads and 1 FREE picture with each ad. We don’t make a single penny if your item doesn’t sell. When it does, our commission varies from 2 to 10% based on the actual selling price of the item. (See auction fee schedule for details.)

PUBLIC NOTICE: Most States require that real estate auctions be conducted by a licensed real estate agent, broker or auctioneer. Available.com provides marketing services to the real estate industry but does not receive a commission for its services.

HONESTY IS A MUST! Items and services listed on AVAILABLE.COM must be legitimately AVAILABLE and accurately described. (See help section for details.)

Classified ads are only $10.00 a month or $100.00 a year with 1 FREE picture. Additional pictures are $1.00 each and you can upload up to 30 pictures with each ad. If one or more items sell before your ad expires, simply upload another in its place. You can also insert links to other websites and upload short video clips or embed video scripts such as those provided on YouTube, Flykr and many other video upload sites.

Trade Ads work exactly like Classified Ads but are reserved for traders only. Did I mention we also barter for our services?

Another feature that we are very proud of is ANN. The Available News Network is open to anyone who has an important news story to report. There is NO CHARGE to post a legitimate news story on the Available News Network.

Commercial News Releases are $10.00 each and will be posted immediately after they have been reviewed and approved by our editor. This normally happens in a matter of minutes depending on who’s on duty and what time your story is submitted. If you have something that requires immediate attention, please call or email us and we will do our best to expedite the process. 918742sell@gmail.com – (918) 742-7355.

WANTED! Available.com is looking for free-lance investigative reporters and photo journalists. Please submit a story for our review and we will respond accordingly.

Thanks for using AVAILABLE.COM.

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